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Hotwire Laser Welding

Traditional Welding vs. Laser Welding

Welding is a fabrication process that employs heat to join two or more separate pieces. Currently, industry professionals utilize both traditional arc-based welding, spot welding, and laser welding methods for their operations. Both process variations offer unique characteristics that make them suitable for different cases. For example, traditional welding....
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Laser Cladding for Remanufacturing

Titanova’s laser cladding is a new weld repair process that can be used to restore critically worn surfaces of metal parts. Typical critical surfaces include the bearing journals, seal surfaces, hydraulic shafts, valve seats/gates, etc.  Titanova’s laser cladding remanufacturing technology creates less heat, dilution, and much smoother weld overlays.....
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Tungsten Carbide Laser Hard Facing

Titanova is a premier supplier of Tungsten Carbide laser hard facing NOW 70% by weight Titanova is continuing to pursue new hard facing materials and laser hard facing processes to address critical wear problems for our customers.    The wear issues specifically addressed here are abrasion and erosive wear....
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