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Laser Cladding Cast Iron

Cast iron is widely used in various industries due to its unique properties. However, the challenges of repairing these components can be daunting because of the welding process. Titanova, a leader in laser cladding, has developed a proprietary technique that enables the repair of the biggest castings. This article....
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FAQ’s Titanova

Click to Expand Our extensive expertise in laser processing solutions, combined with comprehensive quality assurance and metallurgical capabilities, is why we are the leaders in the laser processing industry. We maintain rapid process development and fast turnaround times at low costs for our clients while continually improving our systems,....
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Laser Cladding and Hard Facing for the Oil and Gas Industry

Click to Expand Laser cladding and hard laser facing are welding techniques that provide a protective surface coating on metal parts. Also called laser metal deposition (LMD), laser cladding utilizes a focused laser beam to generate heat, and clad material is simultaneously fed into the resulting melt pool on....
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