Laser Cladding Reman JournalLaser cladding is a weld repair process used to refurbish critical worn surfaces of metal parts, such as bearing journals and seal surfaces for hydraulic shafts and valve seats. The laser cladding process refurbishes components with a weld that resists extreme stresses as compared to thermal spray and has less distortion than traditional industrial welding refurbishment methods.

Laser cladding technology can effectively clad thin layers of the hardest metal alloys, creating a stronger component. At Titanova, our refurbishment and remanufacturing services focus on increased productivity and significantly reduce the time and cost of refurbishing metal parts.

Advantages of Laser Cladding for Industrial Refurbishment

One of the most significant advantages that laser cladding offers over traditional refurbishment services is lower heat distortion. Laser cladding allows the surface metal chemistry of components to be modified with much lower heat input. It produces a minimal heat-affected zone with less weld distortion than traditional arc welding methods, such as MIG and TIG overlay processes. The smaller heat zone is mainly because conventional arc processes are restricted to a minimum thickness, have excessive dilution, and are limited due to drip-off caused by overheating.

Laser Cladding Main Shaft

Laser cladding restoration reduces pre-machining and post-machining requirements due to the minimal heat zone and amount of dilution. Our laser cladding process offers the thinnest and flattest clads available, producing only a small hard zone in the area of the clad and base metal. Traditional refurbishing methods create a much larger hard zone that requires greater pre-machining depth to prepare the component for post-machining.

The refurbishing services we offer at Titanova reduce operating costs by allows components to remain operational longer. Laser cladding reduces costs by taking advantage of the component’s residual value in labor, energy, material, and capital costs. Refurbishing with our laser cladding process can recover as much as 85% to 90% of the energy and materials used to manufacture many commercial and military components initially.

With the continuous increase in the costs of raw material as well as energy, the refurbishment process continues to become even more cost-effective. At Titanova, our technologically advanced cladding process provides an environmentally friendly solution for limiting waste that also saves you time and money.

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Industrial Equipment Refurbishment

At Titanova, we have earned a reputation as being one of the leading industrial equipment refurbishment companies in the industry. We offer heavy equipment refurbishing for many industries and applications, including the following:

Wind Turbine Refurbishment

The increased interest in renewable energy sources, such as wind technology, has created a growing demand for the refurbishing of wind turbines, either partially or entirely. The market for used turbines is also increasing for a variety of projects. At Titanova, we offer a comprehensive wind turbine refurbishment service designed to extend the life of wind turbines by providing refurbishing services for critical components, including wind turbine shafts and gears.


Professional pump refurbishment from Titanova is one of the wisest investments you can make when it comes to increasing the longevity of your industrial pumping equipment. Our state-of-the-art pump refurbishment services ensure that you will have the durable quality components that you need efficiently and cost-effectively.

Diesel Engine Refurbishment

At Titanova, we have become the leading diesel engine remanufacturing company for heavy equipment with experience in the refurbishing of diesel engines and their components. Our laser cladding refurbishing process is the most advanced process for diesel engine refurbishment, and it’s been tested and proven to provide superior results.

Contact Titanova for Your Industrial Refurbishment Needs

Our refurbishing process is a cost-effective and efficient method of extending the life of your industrial equipment. Titanova’s extensive laser processing services and state-of-the-art facility enable us to remanufacture components to the most exacting specifications. To request a quote or to learn more about how Titanova’s laser cladding process will increase your equipment’s life span, contact us today.