John started his career on a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) also known as the “Star Wars” program at McDonnell Douglas.   He applied this knowledge of laser diode system and process technology for the purpose of advanced high speed carbon composite aerospace structure fabrication. He built one of the first microchannel-cooled, continuously-powered (CW) high-power diode lasers in 1992. He leveraged his expertise and co-founded Nuvonyx, Inc in 1998 and was the primary driver towards the commercialization of the high-power, industrial diode laser and the subsequent development of direct diode laser-specific processes. Nuvonyx, Inc. was acquired by ICXT in 2005 and sold to Coherent, Inc. in 2007. John founded Titanova, Inc. in 2008.

Our Mission

Titanova’s mission is to provide services and products of the highest quality by completely meeting or exceeding our customers’ requirements, continually improving our systems and striving for 100% customer satisfaction.

A New Star for Industry

Titanova is a full service, ISO 9001:2015 certified laser job shop and a member of ASM, ASME, AWS, and NTMA. We supply non-cutting laser processes including laser heat treating, laser glazing, laser welding, laser cladding, laser hardfacing, laser clad overlay tubing, laser brazing and laser additive machining services. Our extensive expertise in laser processing in combination with comprehensive quality assurance and metallurgical capabilities Titanova offers innovative solutions and rapid process development yielding rapid turnaround times at the lowest cost to our customers. View our services here.

Commercial Industries

Titanova has experience within the following commercial industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemical processing
  • Coal
  • Construction
  • Energy and recovery
  • Food processing
  • Heavy equipment
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Nuclear energy
  • Oil recovery and refining
  • Pulp and paper
  • Remanufacturing
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Transportation