Titanova offers our customers complete CNC & manual machining and grinding services for parts that encompass laser processing. In addition, Titanova has and will continue to invest in equipment, experienced machinists and partner with local machine shops that can offer machining and grinding of virtually any size part or part configuration.

Titanova’s laser cladding is a weld repair process that can be used to restore critical worn surfaces of metal parts, this is otherwise known as additive remanufacturing. This is affective reverse machining. i.e. adding metal back instead of removing metal. Typical critical surfaces that are laser clad are the bearing journals and seal surfaces for hydraulic shafts and valve seats. With our machining services we offer pre and post machining for complete remanufacturing of the parts. This saves our customers time and money.

Titanova machining capabilities augment our unique laser cladding, hard facing, laser brazing, and laser welding service.

We offer R&D cylindrical grinding with the plan to offer full grinding capability in the future.

Due to Titanova ability to laser clad unique alloys, we are in a unique position to learn and thus become experts in the machining of super alloys such as Inconel or similar high nickel alloys and hard facing cobalt based alloys such as Stellite.

Therefore, Titanova combination of laser cladding and machining the laser clad surfaces makes Titanova the most cost-effective solution for OEM production parts and remanufactured parts.

Machine capabilities

CNC Machines

  • Okuma vertical machining center
  • Haas lathe
  • Haas vertical machining center with 4th axis

Manual Machines

  • Nardini lathe
  • Axelson Lathe
  • Webb & Bridgeport mills


  • Brown & sharp cylindrical Grinder
  • Taft and Pierce – surface grinder
  • Metrology
Titanova Machining Services