Since 2008, Titanova has been committed to delivering products and services with the finest quality by meeting or exceeding customer expectations. We are a laser shop job with an ISO 9001:2015 certification and a proud member of ASM, ASME, AWS, and NTMA.

Our 40 years of combined experience enable us to provide excellent non-cutting laser services — including laser heat treating, laser glazing, laser welding, laser cladding, laser hardfacing, laser clad overlay tubing, laser brazing, and laser additive machining, and CNC machining services.

Titanova’s metallurgical capabilities and stringent quality assurance allow us to supply innovative solutions and rapid process development. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, we also aim to yield fast turnaround time at the lowest cost.

Commercial Industries

Titanova maximizes technology and innovation by applying them from one industry to the next. Through this, we can deliver OEM remanufacturing and repair services that best suit our client’s demands. Further, our highly flexible laser services can cater to many applications, enabling us to expand our customer reach worldwide.


Heat treating and hardfacing are typically used to produce thin, wear-resistant coatings to protect equipment when they come in touch with the ground or dust. Laser hardfacing from Titanova can help with the life enhancement of different components used across the agricultural industry.


Titanova has quickly achieved high-speed, low-heat hermetic welds for nested automotive cover pans without compromising weld quality. We can also laser weld studs onto pans formed from quiet steel.

Chemical Processing

At Titanova, specialized corrosion-resistant materials for valve gates and plugs, pump components, shafts, and piping are laser clad with low chemical dilution, making laser cladding ideal for various chemical processing applications, like acidic and caustic chemicals.


With our high-performing diode laser cladding services, Titanova can improve the longevity of major nuclear and fossil power plant components by cladding alloys and metal-carbide matrix composites. Through this, we can produce very thin and smooth clad layers with low distortion, minimal dilution, and significantly high deposition rates for superior material properties.


Heat treatment and hardfacing prolong equipment’s lifespan in the construction industry, similar to agriculture. Since these components are vulnerable to damage due to the aggressive environment in which they are applied, thin and wear-resistant coatings help protect these construction machinery components..

Energy and Recovery

Titanova is a certified wind turbine main shaft remanufacturing shop using our laser cladding techniques. We have a handling capacity of up to 35,000 lbs. and can fix common wind turbine main shaft damage by cladding stainless steel on the surface of critical journal surfaces. In addition, Titanova has developed a unique technique for remanufacturing cast ductile and cast-iron wind turbine components.

Food Processing

Large food processing companies often utilize sizable machinery to process food products prone to wear and other damages. With Titanova’s laser cladding for remanufacturing, we can restore worn metal surface parts to repair these processing machines.

Hand Tools

Titanova’s laser heat treatments facilitate selective hardening of the working surfaces of the majority of hand tools — such as the teeth and cutting surfaces on combination pliers — without affecting the properties of the core material. This results in more reliable and robust hand tools.


Wear damage incurred on locomotive crankshafts can be repaired with our laser cladding services. However, as most of the new crankshafts available are nitrided to improve strength and wear, they are challenging to weld using common welding and cladding techniques. Hence, Titanova developed a proprietary laser cladding process to address this problem.


Laser cladding can repair engine crankshafts, screw shafts, and turbines to generate a smooth finish and low heat-affected zones. In addition, Titanova laser clad aluminum and silicon bronze onto steel.


Titanova is a new technology that can replace outdated military and defense heat-treating specifications, such as flame heat treating, to achieve higher case hardness, lower distortion, and greater uniformity. For instance, we completed the surface hardening turret ring races of a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on an M1 Abrams tank with 100% yielding tremendous savings for the taxpayers.


Titanova devised a cost-saving laser heat treatment technique for the mining industry to process large-diameter seal carriers for off-road mining trucks and hard-facing mining bits.

Nuclear Energy

Lower material costs and less distortion can be achieved using laser clad overlay to produce thin corrosion resistance clads to protect containment vessel tanks in nuclear energy reactors.

Oil Recovery and Refining

The oil industry often requires components that can withstand rugged applications in extreme environments. Titanova’s laser cladding and laser hardfacing for the oil industry includes:

  • Bearings, bearing bushes, and bearing journals
  • Cutting and drilling components and tools
  • Gate and ball seats and valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic cylinders and plungers
  • Piston rods
  • Pump components
  • Risers
  • Rotors
  • Seals and seal seats
  • Tanks

Pulp and Paper

Titanova has laser capabilities that can be used for pulp and paper industry applications for different products. This procedure helps manufacturers decrease downtime and increase efficiency with lower maintenance costs.

Steel Manufacturing

Titanova can also laser hard face rolls and guide rolls for the steel manufacturing industry.


Titanova’s laser cladding technique is ideal for special railroad trackwork, including frogs and crossing diamonds fabricated from cast austenitic high manganese steel (Hadfield steel). This type of steel is utilized in transportation because of its high toughness and exceptional work-hardening characteristics.

Similarly, our hot-wire laser cladding expertise allows us to perform the on-track repair with faster deposition rates, lower heat input to the base material, and accurate control of the process.


Laser cladding is a faster and more cost-effective method for remanufacturing. With Titanova’s remanufacturing services, manufacturers can achieve remanufactured metal parts to replace their critically worn and damaged components.

Moreover, Titanova is devising an environmentally friendly process of adjoining higher-performance metals back on the component’s surface to reclaim and improve its usability. Our laser cladding technology aims to change the process from “Trash and Replace” to “Save and Reclaim” to promote sustainability and decrease repair and maintenance expenses.

Services Offered By Titanova

Titanova delivers various laser materials processing solutions for numerous industrial applications. Our non-cutting laser services offer many unique advantages to customers, including low weld distortion, fast turnarounds, high throughput, and premium weld quality.

At Titanova, we combine our extensive laser processing expertise, comprehensive quality assurance, and metallurgical capabilities to provide the best laser services to our clients. We offer innovative laser techniques with rapid process development to yield a fast turnaround time at the lowest cost.

Our services include the following:

  • Laser cladding
  • Laser cladding for remanufacturing
  • Laser heat treating
  • Laser hardfacing
  • Laser weld overlay
  • Integration
  • Laser glazing
  • Laser brazing
  • CNC machining

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