Titanova – Laser Cladding Aluminum Bronze

Titanova has the capability to laser clad Aluminum Bronze onto Ferrous based substrates. The application is for pressed-in bushing replacement and thus part count reduction.

Aluminum bronzes are used in applications where their resistance to corrosion makes them preferable to other materials. These applications include plain bearings and landing gear components on aircraft, engine components (especially for seagoing ships), underwater fastenings in naval architecture, and ship propellers. Aluminum bronze are also used in explosive atmospheric applications.

Aluminum bronzes are in the highest demand from the following industries and areas:

  • General sea water-related service
  • Oil and petrochemical industries (i.e. tools for use in non-sparking environments
  • Specialized anti-corrosive applications
  • Water supply applications

Laser Cladding Aluminum Bronze

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