Tungsten Carbide Laser Hard Facing

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Titanova is a premier supplier of Tungsten Carbide [WC] laser hard facing NOW 70% by weight Titanova is continuing to pursue new hard facing materials and laser hard facing processes to address critical wear problems for our customers.    The wear issues specifically addressed here are abrasion and erosive wear from uniform distributed solid particles suspended […]

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Laser clad Deloro Stellite® 6 clad over high temperature bushing – Steel mill application

Laser Clad Overlays of Cobalt 6 – Stellite®

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Titanova is a premier supplier of laser clad overlays of Cobalt 6 – Stellite® and other equivalent cobalt alloy. Titanova has developed a variety of laser cladding techniques to laser clad defect free Cobalt 6 – Stellite® alloys on journals, valve seats, ball seats, etc. These laser cladding processes include both power and hot cored […]

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Titled Puddle Forming and Shaping with Primary and Secondary Lasers.

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Titanova was just awarded the patent, Titled Puddle Forming and Shaping with Primary and Secondary Lasers.  This Patent is available for licensing. Description or Summary of Invention So for one skilled in the art of welding one can appreciate the advantage of being able to shape the puddle such that the bead  of the final […]

Titanova Offers Benefits of Both Hot And Cold Wire Feed Laser Welding

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Hot And Cold Wire Feed Laser Welding Titanova in its continuing effort to develop new laser process technologies for the benefit of the industry is offering both hot and cold wire enhanced laser welding. This unique laser process application offers improve weld root reinforcement over laser autogenous welding. The wire feed laser welding process is […]

Laser Weld Overlay of Cast Iron

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Laser Weld Overlay of Cast Iron/Laser Cladding of Cast Iron Titanova continues to develop new applications for the laser cladding process. Titanova has proven production process for laser weld overlay repair of ductile cast iron components. Titanova has developed material and process technology in order to achieve crack and pore-free laser weld overlays for ductile […]

Large Component Capacity

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Titanova, Inc.’s Additional Large Component Capacity Titanova Inc. has invested in facility improvements and new equipment to address its ever expanding markets. Titanova has installed 3 more motoman robot systems with multi axis external indexers and integrating these with 3 additional multi-kilowatt fiber coupled diode lasers. Titanova now has capacity of up to 50000lbs, 12 […]

Laser Cladding Aluminum Bronze

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Titanova – Laser Cladding Aluminum Bronze Titanova has the capability to laser clad Aluminum Bronze onto Ferrous based substrates. The application is for pressed-in bushing replacement and thus part count reduction. Aluminum bronzes are used in applications where their resistance to corrosion makes them preferable to other materials. These applications include plain bearings and landing […]

Laser Heat Treating of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Process

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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) This process is a multi-stage process that converts fine metal powders into near full density, high strength metal components. MIM competes with cast, wrought, and machined metal components on the basis of both manufacturing cost effectiveness and material properties. The MIM process can yield very complex shapes with high degree of […]

Titanova – ID Cladding Down to 4 inches

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Titanova – ID Cladding Down to 4 inches Titanova, Inc. demonstrating its continuing innovation in the area of laser cladding: now offering ID laser cladding. We currently have the capability down to ID diameters of 4” [100 mm] at a depth of 24” [610 mm], deeper for larger ID diameters.